Stage 4 – Cape Otway to Aire River

Aire River West Campground - Great Ocean Walk

Great Ocean Walk

Cape Otway to Aire River West Campground



This section of trail is one of the best along the whole Great Ocean Walk. Leaving Cape Otway you’ll soon pass the official GOW hikers campground and also the Lightstation cemetery which provides an insight into life here in the early 19th century. The trail leads you through dense coastal beard-heath but after approx. 2km the trail opens up to the clifftops it’s here where for the first time you really see the erosion amongst the cliffs and start to understand the power of the southern ocean. The epic views continue along this section the whole way to Aire River and as you arrive at Station Beach walkers have the choice of walking along the sand or taking the inland route which runs inland but parallel. Given how soft the sand is along Station Beach I’d highly recommend taking the inland route. Once you near Aire River, there is a small lookout which is easily bypassed but if you walk through the scrub, you’ll arrive at an awesome view over Aire River and back along towards the Aire River bridge and campground. The last 1km down towards the bridge is very soft and sandy so walkers are generally pretty happy to be finished at camp here.

Great Ocean Walk Map
Map highlighting the route from Cape Otway Lightstation to Aire River
Great Ocean Walk Views
A kilometre or two past the lighthouse this section of the trail offers plenty of clifftop views and you’ll quickly gain an appreciation of the raw and rugged beauty of this eroded landscape
Kete Mitts Feehan - Great Ocean Walk
Plenty of exposure for walkers along this section so ensure you wear a hat and sunscreen
Great Ocean Walk Views
Walking along the cliff tops provides plenty of time to relax and soak in the endless views
Station Beach - Great Ocean Walk
Looking down along Station Beach. If you look closely you can just make out the trail towards Aire River on the right hand side that runs parallel to the beach
Station Beach - Great Ocean Walk
The inland route towards Aire River gets progressively more sandy, so it becomes a real calf burner!
great ocean walk tour - station beach
High above Station Beach and getting very close to Aire River
Aire River - Great Ocean Walk
The high point on the trail and looking down upon the stunning Aire River.
Aire River - Great Ocean Walk
Walking this trail in the early evening is my absolute favourite
Great Ocean Walk - Aire River Views
Time to descend through the sandy trail to Aire River West campground.
Aire River - Great Ocean Walk
The stunning Aire River.
Koala at Aire River West Campground
The koalas at Aire River West campground are an absolute highlight for campers and hikers.

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