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Wilsons Prom – Top Attractions

Mount Oberon Summit Walk

One of the best views in Victoria can be enjoyed from the summit of Mount Oberon! The 3.4km walk to the summit is all uphill on an old access road that takes you through dense forest before a final 100m climb on steel steps and ladders allows you to arrive at the summit which has 360 degree views over the park. The walk uphill will take anywhere between 35mins and an hour and is suitable for all ages. Over the past 2 Summers, the park has run a regular shuttle bus to Telegraph Saddle from the carpark opposite the general store in Tidal River.

Hot Tips

  • Do the walk early to avoid the heat or alternatively do it in the late evening and enjoy one of the best sunset spots in Victoria.
  • It can be windy at the summit, so pack a lightweight shell jacket.
  • The views are stunning so take food and water and take your time on the summit.
mt oberon summit walk
Mt Oberon Wilsons Prom
Mount Oberon Summit - Wilsons Promontory National Park
Victoria's best landscape view - Mount Oberon
Mt Oberon Summit Walk

Lilly Pilly Gully Walk

The Lilly Pilly Gully Walk is one of the best short walks at Wilsons Promontory National Park and is well worth doing particularly if it’s windy or raining as the walk is mostly protected from the elements. The 4.2km return walk from the carpark can also be extended to a loop walk that takes you up towards Mount Bishop. The loop walk is approx. 6km’s in length and is well worth doing if you have time, but please note it is quite undulating.

Hot Tips

  • If its a rainy or windy day then this walk is perfect.
  • Consider doing the 6.1km loop walk as its only an extra 2km longer than walking in and out to the Gully.
Lilly Pilly Gully Walk
Lilly Pilly Gully Walk - Wilsons Promontory National Park
Lilly Pilly Gully Walk - Wilson's Promontory National Park
Lilly Pilly Gully Walk and Mount Bishop Loop Walk
Lilly Pilly and Mount Bishop Loop Walk - Wilson's Promontory National Park

Big Drift Sand Dunes

On a clear and sunny day, the walk out to the Big Drift sand dunes is awesome and well worth the effort. The trail starts at the end of the Stockyard Campground which is next to the park entrance. The walk is well signed however once you climb the dunes, it can be quite easy to lose the entrance point, so please take note of natural markers.

Hot Tip – 

  • The dune system really is expansive, so if its windy then the sand can be quite abrasive and it really takes away from the experience.
  • There is no water once you are on the trail so be prepared.
Big Drift Dunes Wilsons Promontory National Park
Big Drift Dunes - Wilsons Prom
Big Drift Sand Dunes - Wilsons Promontory
Big Drift - Wilsons Prom Tour
Big Drift Sand Dunes - Wilson's Promontory National Park Attraction
Sand Dunes at Wilson's Promontory National Park


The Tidal Overlook trail which takes in Pillar Point and Squeaky Beach is my favourite loop walk at the Prom that doesn’t involve an overnight hike. The trail is approx. 9km in length and is easy enough for people of all ages.

Hot Tips

  • Climb the granite boulders at Pillar Point and enjoy spectacular views over Norman Bay and Mt Oberon.
  • Explore the granite rocks at both ends of Squeaky Beach.
  • Keen photographers should consider doing this walk in the late afternoon for awesome photos of Mt Bishop, Tidal River and Mt Oberon.
Pillar Point - Wilsons Promontory Tour
Squeaky Beach Wilsons Promontory
Tidal Overlook Trail - Wilsons Promontory Tour
Mt Oberon from Tidal Outlook Trail
Tidal River Overlook Track - Wilsons Prom

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach is one of the highlights of Wilson’s Promontory and is famous for it’s squeaky white sands. When visiting Squeaky Beach it’s worth considering walking over from Tidal River and via the Pillar Point lookout, so you can explore the granite boulders at the less busy end of the beach. For those wanting to extend their walk, the trail does extend to Picnic Bay and Whisky Bay beaches but please note this is a one way trail, so it’s really only ideal if you can be picked up from the carpark at Picnic Bay. For those quests short on time, there is a carpark at Squeaky Beach and it’s only a short 200m walk to the beach.

Squeaky Beach at sunset - Wilson's Promontory
Squeaky Beach - Wilsons Promontory National Park
Views on the walk from Pillar Point to Squeaky Beach at Wilson's Promontory National Park
Exploring the granite boulders at Squeaky Beach - Wilson's Promontory National Park Victoria
Squeaky Beach - Wilson's Promontory
Squeaky Beach Rocks

Picnic Bay

Picnic Bay is a stunning beach located a short 10 minute drive from the main Tidal River campground. The beach is often very quiet and has amazing granite rock formations at both ends of the beach to explore. There is a walking trail that connects Picnic Bay to both Squeaky Beach and Whisky Bay and is well worth exploring.

Hot Tips

  • If Norman Bay beach is busy then consider heading to Picnic Bay as its generally quieter.
  • Make sure you explore the rock formations at both ends of the beach.
Picnic Bay Wilsons Promontory National Park
Picnic Bay - Wilsons Promontory Tour
Picnic Bay - 2 Day Wilsons Prom Camping Tour

Wombats at Tidal River

One of the highlights of camping at Tidal River is seeing the local wombats. For most Victorian’s it’s the best opportunity to see wombats in the wild but don’t leave any food in your tent as they’ll definitely come looking for it!

Wombats at Tidal River Campground
wombats at tidal river campground

Other Wilson’s Promontory Attractions

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