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Stage Details and Walk Information

The stages of the Great Ocean Walk were developed by Parks Victoria and really represent where the campgrounds are along the trail. Parks Victoria tend to have a conservative estimate of approx. 13km between campgrounds which has resulted in their recommendation of taking approx 7-9 days to complete the trail, however I feel due to many people’s time commitments these days, most groups tend to try and do the walk in 4-5 days. For more information on all 9 stages of the hike, please click on the individual links below.

Great Ocean Walk Track Notes & Stages

The Great Ocean Walk is 100km’s in length and is divided into 9 stages. The links below will provide more information on each section of trail.

Stage 1 – Apollo Bay to Elliot Ridge

Stage 2 – Elliot Ridge to Blanket Bay

Stage 3 – Blanket Bay to Cape Otway

Stage 4 – Cape Otway to Aire River

Stage 5 – Aire River to Johanna Beach

Stage 6 – Johanna Beach to Ryans Den 

Stage 7 – Ryans Den to Devils Kitchen 

Stage 8 – Devils Kitchen to 12 Princetown

Stage 9 – Princetown to 12 Apostles

Best time of year to do the Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk is a 100km long trail from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles near Port Campbell and is one of the longest coastal hiking trails in the country. After completing the hike numerous times and running approx. 25 tours over the past 4 years, I’ve found the best time of year to do the hike is in October/November and March/April. These shoulder seasons are generally a bit cooler and with the added bonus of daylight savings so you can enjoy camp in the evening or if you are late on the trail, you’ll still have plenty of time to make it to camp. The trail does have some wooded sections where you are protected from the sun, but for the majority of the hike you are exposed to the elements. Obviously the coast is always nearby if you are inclined to go for a swim to cool down.

Great Ocean Walk Shuttles & Transport

Great Ocean Walk - Official Trail Map

Given the length of the trail and the nature of a point to point walk, the logistics side of things for the Great Ocean Walk is definitely the main obstacle that tends to stop more people from enjoying this epic trail. If you are driving or getting the Vline bus to Apollo Bay to start the walk, then there are a few local operators who can help bring you back to your vehicle.

Walk 91 – Established tour operator that is based in Apollo Bay and has 12 seat Toyota Hiace Commuters that can shuttle up to 11 guests. (03) 5237 1189

Great Ocean Walk Shuttle Service – Peter Fillmore is a local who can shuttle 4 guests in his Nissan Navara and can be reached on 0428 091 694.

Ride with us Shuttle Service – Operate shuttles for walkers can be reached on – 0438 407 777

Great Ocean Walk Accommodation Options

Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk is a 104km coastal trail that starts from the popular coastal village of Apollo Bay and finishes at the 12 Apostles. Along the trail there is 7 dedicated hike-in campgrounds however there is also some fantastic accommodation options for those couples or groups looking to stay in accommodation along the way.

The list of accommodation below is in order of the trail.

Cape Otway

Bimbi Park – Has multiple accommodation options to suit couples all the way up to large groups looking to enjoy the Great Ocean Walk.

Panorama Cottage

Cape Otway Lightstation

Aire River Valley

Otway Aire – Eco Cottage set on 2 acres

The Dunes Homestead

MoonLight Cottage at Cape Otway Cottages

Moonrise Cottage at Cape Otway Cottages

Castle Cove

Great Ocean Walk Retreat

Chi Medicinal Farm

Just beyond Castle Cove


Seagarden Retreat

Moonlight View Retreat

Johanna Beach

The Boomerangs at Johanna

Johanna Beach Ocean Views

Johanna Manor

Johanna Seaside Cottages

Wattle Hill (Close to The Gables & Wreck Beach)

Alkina Lodge – 12 Apostles Luxury Lodge

By Moonlight


Otway Coastal Villas

The Great Escape Princetown

Pebble Point – Glamping

Great Ocean Walk Image Gallery

The below photos have been taken from numerous personal and guided tours of the Great Ocean Walk since 2015. The images are in order of the trail from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles. For more information on hiking the Great Ocean Walk feel free to call Jono Ingram on 0410 341 228, email jonoingram@gmail.com or lookup @greatoceanwalktours on Instagram.

Blanket Bay - Great Ocean Walk
Blanket Bay to Parker Inlet - Great Ocean Walk
Great Ocean Walk - Parker Inlet
Parker Inlet - Great Ocean Walk
Parker River - Great Ocean Walk Tour
Cape Otway Lightstation from Seal Point on the Great Ocean Walk
Parker Inlet - Great Ocean Walk
Crayfish Bay - Great Ocean Walk Tour
Station Beach - Great Ocean Walk
great ocean walk tour - station beach
Aire River West Campground - Great Ocean Walk
Great Ocean Walk Tour
Great Ocean Walk Tour
Great Ocean Walk - Ryans Den
Great Ocean Walk - Wreck Beach
Great Ocean Walk - Wreck Beach 2
Great Ocean Walk
Great Ocean Walk - The Finish
Great Ocean Walk - Walk Victoria's Icons
Jono Ingram – Owner & Guide – Good Times Tours


  • Jono Ingram from Good Times Tours is Melbourne based so can provide return transport for public & private groups.
  • I setup camp and cook for you. You simply walk with your day pack.
  • We provide high quality tents, thermarest sleeping pads, pillows, down sleeping bags, camp chairs and a 6x3m waterproof marquee as camping equipment for all of our guests.
  • I offer an an affordable option for groups up to 11 in size, looking for a no-fuss and flexible experience.
  • I can cater for groups looking to spend anywhere between 2-4 days on the Great Ocean Walk.
Good Times Tours operates a 12 seat Toyota Hiace with trailer for all Great Ocean Walk Tours

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