MacKenzies Falls

MacKenzies Falls - Grampians

MacKenzies Falls

No trip to the Grampians is complete without soaking in the natural beauty and surrounds of MacKenzies Falls, one of the largest and most spectacular falls in Victoria. The region was impacted by a fire in January 2014, so the along with the falls, you’ll get to see how the environment is quickly recovering.

On the 2 Day Tour of the Grampians we have plenty of time to enjoy several of the short walks around the falls. The first is a short little walk to Broken Falls which provides a great view over a smaller series of falls where the water is quite dispersed. From here it’s a short 800m metre walk down to the base of MacKenzies Falls. Along the way we’ll stop at a new outlook which has been built post the January 2014 fires, which provides a great view to the base of the falls and across the gorge. The walk down is steep and the path can be slippery so it’s best to hold onto the handrails and take your time.

Once at the base of the falls, you’ll walk over a series of rocks to cross the river so you can enjoy the full view. When it’s quiet, it’s a great place to relax and bask in the sun before walking a further 15-20mins downstream to the base of Fish Falls. Even in peak season, if you want to escape the crowds, the walk to Fish Falls is perfect.

The return walk to the carpark will definitely get the heart beating as it’s quite a steep walk. But if you take your time and take regular breaks, it’s easily achievable for most people.

MacKenzies Falls - Grampians
Base of MacKenzie Falls 
Mackenzies Falls - Grampians National Park
MacKenzie Falls - Grampians National Park
Mackenzie Falls in Grampians National Park
Mackenzie Falls after heavy spring rains
MacKenzies Falls at Sunset
MacKenzie Falls in late Summer 2016
Mackenzie Falls in flood - Grampians
MacKenzie Falls on Sunday Oct 2nd 2016
Broken Falls - Grampians National Park
Broken Falls near Mackenzie Falls
Broken Falls in flood - Grampians National Park
Broken Falls in full flight on Oct 2nd 2016

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