Tidal Overlook Track

One of Wilsons Promontory’s Best Short Walks!

The Tidal Overlook trail combined with a walk to Squeaky Beach is a great way to experience the best of Wilsons Promontory straight from the Tidal River campground. The total length of the walk is 8.5km return from the Tidal River bridge, so it does take a couple of hours but the first 2.1km to Squeaky Beach is easily manageable with a gradual climb up and over the headland before descending slowly to one of the most stunning beaches in Victoria.

Squeaky Beach is amazing to visit at any time of day, but in the late afternoon when the sun is setting it’s particularly magic! The walk takes you to the Southern end of the beach and with the carpark at the Northern end, you’ll often have a whole section of the beach to yourself. On the 2 Day Wilsons Promontory tour we’ll often play beach soccer or throw the frisbee and watch the sun start to set, before tackling the remaining 6.4km back to Tidal River which takes just over an hour. This part of the walk takes us up a gradual climb to a high point which provides stunning views over both Norman Bay and Squeaky Beach. In the distance you can see Mt Oberon and as you walk back around to Tidal River, you’ll have a view over Mt Bishop as well.

Depending on the time and how the group is feeling we might also include a walk out to Pillar Point which provides an incredible photo opportunity over both Norman Bay and Sealers Cove.

Squeaky Beach Wilsons Promontory

Squeaky Beach - Wilsons Prom National Park

Squeaky Beach Wilsons Promontory

Good Times Tours - Wilsons Promontory

squeaky beach wilsons prom

squeaky beach wilsons prom

Tidal River Outlook Trail

Tidal Overlook Trail - Wilsons Promontory Tour

Tidal Overlook Trail Wilsons Promontory National Park

Tidal River Overlook Track - Wilsons Prom

Tidal River - Wilsons Promontory Tour

Squeaky Beach - Wilsons Promontory

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