Falls to Hotham – 3 Day Tour

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Good Times Tours offers a great value all-inclusive package including return transport from Melbourne that’s perfect for private groups looking to experience the Victorian High Country.

3 Day – 2 night – $449 per person self-guided

Departs Friday’s from metropolitan Melbourne at 7am for midday arrival at Falls Creek.

Tour Returns – Sunday approx. 6pm

Minimum Group Size – 4

Maximum Group Size – 9

Accommodation – Tent camping

Food – All food is included & dietary requirements can be catered for

Difficulty – Easy/Medium

Tour Runs – November to April

Enquiries – 0410 341 228 or fill out the enquiry form below –

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Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

The Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing is a 37km hike from the alpine village of Falls Creek to Mt Hotham.

Just like the Great Ocean Walk and Grampians Peaks Trail, it falls under the “Walk Victoria’s Icons” brand and in the spring/summer of 2016, Good Times Tours is offering a 3 day all inclusive package to service guests who want to hike this stunning trail.

The description below is based on the self-guided option however with the guided option, I’ll be with guests the entire time and a Good Times Tours employee will drive the vehicle ahead on day 1 to setup camp at Cope Hut and on day 2 will drive ahead to the Mt Loch carpark and will join us at Dibbins Hut on the second evening with everyone spending day 3 together on the walk back to Mt Hotham.

Day 1 – Depart Metropolitan Melbourne at 7am for a midday arrival at Falls Creek where guests will be provided lunch at the trail head and then given their day pack with water, food, map and a detailed explanation of directions so they can enjoy the 14km walk to Cope Hut. Once guests have began the walk, I’ll drive ahead with the tour vehicle and setup the tents along sleeping mats, sleeping bags and ensure refreshments and meals are ready for your arrival at approx. 6pm. In the evening we can enjoy a glass of wine around the campfire before getting a good night’s sleep.

Day 2 – Guests will have a cooked breakfast and have plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings before tackling the 14km walk to Dibbins Hut. If there are more than 4 guests, today you will be given a fitted, 65-76l One Planet hiking pack which will include your camping/sleeping gear along with your food for the day. You will then be given a map along with a detailed explanation of the hike to Dibbins Hut. Once guests have departed, I’ll drive to Mt Loch car park at Mount Hotham and walk the 9km’s to meet you at Dibbins Hut. I’ll be able to carry some creature comforts with me so expect some extra chocolate and other tasty treats to enjoy in the evening.

Day 3 –

Waking up in the beautiful small valley with the Cobungra River flowing nearby, we’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast and soak up our surroundings one last time before tackling a climb up Swindler’s Spur for 1km. From here the hike is a much easier pace and opens up to stunning views of Mt Feathertop and we’ll get a chance to learn about the goldmining past of the region at the abandoned Quintet Mine Site. As we continue on our hike we’ll slowly start of see signs of civilisation again at Mount Hotham and we’ll celebrate a fantastic walk with some cold drinks and snacks at Mt Loch car park. Expected finish time is approx. midday and on the drive back to Melbourne we can take time to stop in Bright for lunch and visit the Bright Brewery for a celebratory beer or wine, before arriving back in Melbourne at approx. 6pm

What to bring

– Hiking pack
– Inflatable pillow
– Headlight
– Walking poles
– Water bottles
– Water purification tablets
– Insect repellant
– Sunscreen
– Baby wipes
– Travel towel
– Cooking stove & cutlery, cup

Below is the official map of the hike that’s been published by Parks Victoria
Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Campsite Facilities – Cope Hut (Night 1) and Dibbins Hut (Night 2)
Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing


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