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Do your tours include transport?

Good Times Tours operates a comfortable 12 seater Toyota Hiace Commuter with an Engel fridge on-board for refreshments and a trailer is used to carry all hiking equipment and guest baggage.

With all hiking tours, I am available to pick up groups from any location however my prices are based on CBD pick-ups and I may need to adjust the price slightly to cover fuel expenses.

Guided or Self-Guided? 

It really comes down to the level of comfort you want to enjoy. With a self-guided walk you’ll only need to carry a day pack and when you arrive at camp you’ll be greeted with a camp chair, fire, cold refreshments and a BBQ.

With a guided hike, you’ll need to be self-sufficient and your pack will weight between 12-17 litres depending on how many clothes and extras you decide to bring.

Where does the hike start?

Whilst the official trail starts in Apollo Bay and finishes at the 12 Apostles, I really want my guests to enjoy the best of the Great Ocean Walk and I believe Blanket Bay makes the perfect starting point. Reason being is that the 12km walk from Elliot Ridge to Blanket Bay is on 4×4 management vehicle tracks and is not an actual dedicated hiking trail, plus it takes you inland away from the spectacular coastline.

Do we need a permit to camp and how much does it cost?

A permit is required for all campsites and currently an individual campsite which caters for 3 people costs either $27.70 or $30.90 depending on the camp.

For all self guided and guided hikes, the price of camping is included in the price and the two locations we use for camping are Aire River and Johanna Beach.

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What camping/hiking equipment is included in the price?

I supply only the best camping and hiking equipment from top brands including One Planet, Sea to Summit, Macpac, Thermarest etc. so you can have confidence in your gear working right and being comfortable.

– Hiking pack
– Sleeping bag with liner
– Inflatable sleeping mattress
– Inflatable pillow
– Headlight
– Walking poles
– Water bottles
– Water purification tablets
– Insect repellant
– Sunscreen
– Baby wipes
– Travel towel
– Cooking stove & cutlery, cups etc.

What are the distances of the between each of the hiker’s camps? 

2 day guided or self guided walk is between Blanket Bay and Aire River (20.5km – Day 1) and Aire River to Johanna Beach (14km – Day 2)

3 day guided or self guided walk has the same itinerary as the 2 day, however on the last day guests will enjoy the last 16km’s of the trail from Devil’s Kitchen to the 12 Apostles. This makes it a total of 50.5km’s over 3 days with 2 of these being classisfied as easy/medium and in my opinion these 3 days represent the absolute best of the Great Ocean Walk!

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Can you buy food along the way ?

Good Times Tours provides all meals and drinks included in the price of all tours. On the Great Ocean Walk the only opportunity to buy food is at the Cape Otway Lightstation Cafe, however entrance fees to the Lighthouse is $19.50 however most guests are more than happy to pay the fee to enjoy a coffee and snack and also learn about the history of the lightstation.

Can we have a campfire? 

On the self guided walks there is an opportunity to enjoy a campfire at the Aire River and Johanna Beach campsites.

Is there water available on the walk?

Untreated water is available at all of the hiker’s camps so approx. 10 to 14km is the longest you’ll walk without water.

What about tides and river crossings?

On the hike’s I offer the only time you’ll have to cross water is at Parket Inlet on day 1. It’s typically a shallow crossing of maybe 3-4 metres wide so it’s best you take your boots off before crossing.

With regards to the tides, this will impact on whether you walk along station beach or the inland track on day 1 of the walk from Cape Otway to Aire River. Both are roughly the same distance however walking along the soft sand requires more energy.

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