Reed Lookout & The Balconies

Reeds Lookout - Grampians National Park

Reed Lookout & The Balconies

Reed Lookout is one of the most popular lookouts in the Grampians National Park and is located approx. 15 minute drive from Halls Gap on the way to the Mackenzie Falls. The view out over the Victoria Valley is simply stunning and with the lookout facing a westerly direction, provides a perfect place to watch the sunset. There are a couple of different vantage points to enjoy and visitors can also walk up towards the fire tower overlooks the interior of the park.

From Reeds Lookout it’s an easy 1km walk to the popular Balconies Lookout (formerly known as the Jaws of Death) which provides a great view of the unique rock formation. On the way to the lookout the walk provides great views over Lake Wartook which due to facing an easterly direction is also a great place to watch sunrise.

With the popularity of this lookout, its recommended you visit either at sunrise or sunset as its at these times that you’ll have peace and tranquility. During peak season you’ll often find an overcrowded carpark which can be difficult to negotiate at times due to the narrow road.

Looking out from The Balconies - Grampians

Reids Lookout - Grampians National ParkReids Lookout - Grampians at SunriseThe Balconies - Grampians

Reeds Lookout - Grampians National Park

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